Peninsula Aero Club
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CTAF: 128.0
Stuart Road
Vic 3913
Postal Address
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Vic 3913
S 38 16.0
E 145 10.5
WAC 3469, 3470


To gain an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate you must first be issued with a Student Pilot Certificate.

You will need either a flight crew medical certificate or a current Drivers Licence

Minimum Requirements for Pilot Certificate Price
20 Hours Dual Training @ $240 per hour
5 Hours Solo Training @ $150 per hour
Total $5550
Average Student Cost for Pilot Certificate Price
30 Hours Dual Training @ $240 per hour
5 Hours Solo Training @ $150 per hour
Total $7950

It is our experience that the average student pilot may take 30-40 hours training to attain the standard required by the training syllabus, but obviously this will depend upon each individual

Theory Requirements 

You must pass a theory examination on Basic Aeronautical Knowledge. An optional in house theory course is conducted on a regular basis. The duration of this part time course is approx 8 weeks

Minimum Age Requirements 

Students can train at any age however cannot fly solo until reaching 15 years of age.

Associated Costs for Pilot Certificate Price
Joining Fee
Annual Club Membership $220.00
Student Pilot Kit (Books, Log Book)
GFPT Theory Course $365.00
BAK Theory Exam
Student Licence Issue (RA-Aus) $160.00
Testing Fee $275.00

**PAC reserves the right to vary prices due to unforseen circumstances