10th MARCH 2024

Peninsula Aero Club

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Peninsula Aero Club is a flying training school & club located at Tyabb Airport on the Mornington Peninsula. We provide flight training for all licence levels from Recreational to Commercial. Our instructors are professional in every way and this will be reflected in your training. We consider our students as individuals, not just a number. We give our full dedication to each student whilst they are flying or studying for theory exams.
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Learning to fly is easier than you think and a life changing experience. You can choose to start your training as the beginning of a long and satisfying career, or simply for personal enjoyment.

Get your copy of First Officer here

PAC member, Peter Fitton has written his third book. Titled, First Officer, a tale about a father and son who go flying. Central to this story is the Peninsula Aero Club. Intended to encourage and motivate young people to seek out a career in aviation, it’s the sort of book you would give to your teenage children or grandchildren. First Officer is a learning-to-fly book, but Peter has managed to deliver the training aspects in a conversational manner, so as to seem part of an adventure story. It’s original and it’s Australian.