Presidents Report

Dear Members,

As the Prime Minister said, “it’s time to get out from under the doona” so let’s reopen PAC.

The relaxation of the Victorian Health Directives has now paved the way forward for us to reopen the Flight Operations and recommence lessons and complete AFRs and endorsements.

The Chief Health Officer has also made it clear that Flying Training is a permitted activity as is private flying within the State. Therefore you can begin to book lessons or flying your own aircraft.

We still need to observe Social Distancing and embrace all of the Victorian Heath Directives and best practices to protect each other from the potential of spreading COVID 19. To that end, social functions will remain suspended and we will not be undertaking joy flights or TIFs.

There will be a new normal, which I suspect will be the case until there is a COVID vaccine, and you will need to observe PAC’s new procedures for training and hiring and ask that you follow the staff’s instructions.

Attached is a pre-booking questionnaire which you need to complete before your lesson or hiring a club aircraft. If you need any help with answering any of the questions please call the office.

I also ask you to carry out as may function as you can over the phone (bookings etc) to minimise traffic through flight operations to protect you and the staff.

We need to limit the number of visitors into the reception area to 5 people and we ask that you do not enter the Clubhouse or Flight Ops unless it is essential, that is, a lesson, a class or on official business.

We will continue to keep a close eye on how Australia and Victoria moves towards getting us all back to work and will continually review our procedures to protect members and the staff.

I want to thank all of the members for their cooperation over the last couple of months and for their support in following the rules and protecting each other.

I hope these small steps are just the beginning to getting us back to some normality.

PAC – President
Jack Vevers