Peninsula Aero Club Aircraft Conditions of Hire

This agreement covers the conditions under which an aircraft will be hired from the Peninsula Aero Club. The signing of the flight authorisation record by a person hiring an aircraft from the Peninsula Aero Club acknowledges that the hirer will be bound by these conditions.

Operational Requirements

The hirer agrees to operate the hired aircraft within all performance limitations and in strict accordance with all air navigation orders and regulations, and the flight manual of the hired aircraft.

Mechanical Failure and/or Damage

In the event that the hired aircraft suffers any mechanical failure and/or damage, the hirer agrees to contact the club CFI, President, Treasurer or Secretary at the soonest possible time. The hirer will then be given instructions for the repair and/or abandoning of the aircraft. No arrangements are to be made without the prior approval as set out above.

Hirer’s Liability re Insurance Excess

In the event of damage to the hired aircraft caused as a result of the hirer’s negligence and/or failure to comply with any part of this agreement, the hirer may be held liable for any repairs, except as follows: In the event of an insurance claim being made successfully, the hirer’s liability will be reduced to the amount of the excess stated in the insurance policy of the hired aircraft.

Stranding of Aircraft

If the hired aircraft becomes stranded away from Tyabb for any reason due to pilot error and/or weather, the hirer will be responsible for any additional costs associated with the recovery of the aircraft.

Sole Use

The hirer is the only pilot authorised under this agreement to operate the aircraft. If there is to be more than one pilot, each pilot shall sign the flight authorisation record.

Payment of Hire Charges

The hirer agrees to make payment of all charges due for the hire immediately upon the return of the hired aircraft, including landing charges.

Fuel Costs

The hire rate per hour includes the cost of fuel at a price up to that being charged from time to time at the bowser at Tyabb. Any fuel used during the hire period at a price higher that charged at Tyabb will be charged to the hirer’s account to the extent of the amount of the excess, including call out charges.


The hirer accepts this contract as the terms and conditions under which an aircraft is hired from the Peninsula Aero Club. In the event of any dispute arising from any matter associated with the hire of an aircraft the final decision will rest with the Committee of the Peninsula Aero Club at that time.


The hirer agrees not to hold Peninsula Aero Club liable for any consequential costs however incurred.
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