Dear Members,

As we approach Christmas I have reflected on what a year we have all had. I am pleased to say that PAC has weathered the COVID storm as well as the Shire’s legal attacks. I am optimistic about our prospects to come out of these events in good shape. However we cannot be complacent about COVID and must keep our guard up and make our Club a safe place to be.

Over the past month we have been in VCAT objecting to the proposed Lifestyle development, where the developer is proposing to build 191 dwellings to accommodate an estimated 311 residents. This is a development that would ordinarily not be permitted under the zoning but for a loophole that has allowed this to be proposed.

Almost all of the town is opposed to this development as is PAC, as it will completely change the character and intent of the low density of Tyabb and more so the country lane part of Stuart Road. This development will put a lot of stress on the town amenity, cause complaints about the airport and make the residents lives miserable living between an airport and a heavy rail line when trying to enjoy a retired outdoor life style.

On the last day of VCAT the CFA made a late submission to the Tribunal, raising significant bush fire concerns. This has the potential to undermine the developers’ plans as being unsafe and the hearing has now been delayed until May 2021. Let’s hope this and all of our arguments by PAC and the town will be enough for VCAT to disallow the development.

Christmas is almost upon us and we are thinking about fly-aways and going on holidays. As many of us have been out of the air we need to double check everything and ensure we and our aircraft are fit for flight. If you are feeling a little rusty, why not book a check flight with one of our instructors to polish up your competences or just have a chat with our CFI about your plans.

And please be mindful not to put yourself under pressure to be somewhere at a planned time. Take your time, and enjoy the day on the ground if the weather isn’t within your capabilities or endorsements.

On behalf of the Committee, Flight Ops and myself, have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year.

Kind regards

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