Dear Members,

A win in VCAT

After 14 months of preparing and fighting our case in VCAT we have won the Church Hour Existing Use Rights application despite the Shire obstinance and relentless attacks on PAC through the media.

VCAT have ordered the Shire to delete the “Church Hour” condition from our permits, which will allow us to fly on Sundays between 0930 & 1030 as we have done for decades. The order has also provided an opportunity to pursue costs, which we intend to do.

The VCAT decision states, “In the present case the permits in place indicate the use was being lawfully carried out …”.  This would seem to negate all of the Shire’s claims that we have no permits, or that we are operating unlawfully.

We hope the Shire will reconsider its attacks and think about how much all of these actions are costing ratepayers as well as the damage this is doing to their reputation.

Online Training

This month we have introduced a BAK on line training course, which had sold out within the week. COVID has made us reflect on what we can do to help members continue to develop our skills and keep us occupied and up to date with training.

Over the next few months we are working on developing a number of courses for endorsements such as Tailwheel, Formation and Aerobatics. We are also developing a GPS course, night VFR and Flying Instructor rating programmes.

Our world has changed and we need to adapt.  Our instructors are very excited to bring everyone a new and exciting way to develop our skills.

We are also working on developing some on line learning opportunities and bring CASA safety presentations and guest speakers.


Our AGM is not far away and we need to ask members to think about paying it forward and joining the committee. We always need people with enthusiasm and skills to help manage the club and continue to build upon what others have done before us.

Our club is, in my mind, the best in Australia, not only for our members but our relationship with the community. We need new blood and enthusiasm to join a successful and cohesive management committee to help drive the club into the 2020s and beyond.

If you feel you have the something to bring to the club and have a sense of duty and community please nominate. If you would like to know more feel free to give me or anyone on the committee a call.

Lastly it is becoming clear this AGM will need to be conducted via Zoom this year owing to the COVID restrictions, which is disappointing but as you will understand is completely sensible.

We will be sending separate notification of AGM details, and a call for Committee nominations and, especially important this year, proxy nominations, as soon as arrangements can be completed.

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