Learning to fly is a challenging and exciting experience.

You can choose to start your training as the beginning of a long and satisfying career, or simply for personal enjoyment.

Peninsula Aero Club can help with all your flying training needs. Established in 1964 at Tyabb Airport, and operating a large fleet of training and touring aircraft, the club is well equipped for all manners of training. From your first flight, right through to some of the most challenging and intense ratings and endorsements, PAC is well equipped to help.

The club’s Head Of Operations/Chief Pilot has many years experience in the aviation industry, and our many professional and highly qualified instructors are available to help make your flying training an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Pilot Certificates and Licences


Recreational Pilot Certificate

With simple medical requirements and some of the industry’s most modern light aircraft, a RAAus Recreational Pilot Certificate might be for you.


Recreational Pilot Licence

The Recreational Pilot Licence is the first licence available in the general aviation path. It allows you to fly solo, or with passengers, in the training area, as well as add on endorsements like navigation, controlled airspace, aerobatics, and more. It’s the perfect platform on which to gain experience for the next step: your Private Pilot Licence


Private Pilot Licence

Enjoy the unrestricted freedom of being able to fly anywhere in Australia. Private Pilot training expands on your training and teaches you the skills required to navigate and fly into controlled airspace such as Moorabbin and Essendon.

Commercial Pilot Licence

To be employed as a professional pilot for remuneration, you must first hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). This is one of the most challenging licences available, but the team at PAC is well equipped to help you achieve it. You can train either part- or full-time.

PAC Ratings and Endorsements


Instrument (PIFR)

Allows the enroute segment of your flight to be conducted under IFR conditions.

Multi Engine Class Rating

A Multi Engine Class rating allows the pilot to fly a multi engine aeroplane under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions.


Instrument (MECIR)

Fly anywhere, anytime, almost all weather licence.


A Trainee for a Grade 3 Instructor Rating must hold the following pre requisites.

Night VFR

Enjoy the benefits of being able to fly an aeroplane past last light. Some of the most spectacular flying is done under starlight.

Controlled Airspace

The controlled airspace endorsement (RPCA) is the perfect addition for the RPL licence holder (who has already completed their Navigation endorsement), not wishing to complete a full PPL.


RPL Navigation

The RPL Navigation endorsement allows an RPL licence holder the freedom of flying beyond a 25NM radius of the departure aerodrome, opening up the exciting world of cross country flying.


Tail Wheel

Enhance your flying skill and learn to fly a tail wheel.



Experience the thrill and challenge of aerobatics. Increase your flying skill and build confidence.


Learn the different sequences and combinations involved in formation flying, and to safely fly within close proximity to other aircraft.
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