Practical Requirements
and Average Costs

18.5 hours Dual C206*:$9,527.50

6.5 Hours Dual Simulator:$975
PIFR Test Fee plus 3 hours @ solo rate:TBA


* Note: Dual Training is charged at $515 per hour. Dual Simulator is charged at $150 per hour. Solo Training is charged at $70 per hour. In addition, Enroute Fees, Landing Fees and Approach Fees are applicable and shall be borne by the student. PAC also reserves the right to vary prices due to un-forseen circumstances.

*Our Cessna 206 is currently our only aircraft in the IFR category.

The Private Instrument Rating (PIFR) is perfect for the Private Pilot who wants to fly in clouds but may not necessarily use a command instrument rating. The PIFR allows you to fly in cloud for the cruise segments of flight. This means no instrument approaches/departures, but still having the freedom of flying through cloud.


  • Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Private Instrument Rating Theory Exam
  • CASA Private Pilot Licence or greater
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