Practical Requirements
and Average Costs

Appoximately 10 hours of dual training
Flight Test Fee (Not including aircraft hire):TBA

Travelair @ $565 dual:$5,650

Partenavia @ $595 dual:$5,950

Vulcanair @ $675 dual:$6,750

* Note: Approximately 10 hours of dual training (VFR Rates Solo + $125/hr instructor rate) In addition, Enroute Fees, Landing Fees and Approach Fees are applicable and shall be borne by the student. PAC also reserves the right to vary prices due to un-forseen circumstances.

A Multi Engine Class rating allows the pilot to fly a multi engine aeroplane under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions. The rating is approximately 6.5 hours, however on average students can take up to 10 hours to demonstrate competency in the syllabus.


  • CASA PPL or CPL holder
  • Class 2 Medical Certificate
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