For those who want a simpler type of flying, the Recreational Australia (RA) Aus Pilot certificate maybe for you. With RA Aus, you can fly a 1 or 2 seater RA registered aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 600 kilograms without the need to obtain a Flight Crew Medical. providing you are medically fit to hold a driver’s licence.

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RAA Certificate

Minimum Requirements

15 Hours Dual Training*:$4,350
5 Hours Solo Training*:$900


RAA Certificate

Student Cost

30-40 Hours Dual Training*:$8,700
5 Hours Solo Training*:$900


RAA Certificate

RAA Cert. Costs

Joining Fee:$120

Annual Club Membership:$290

RAA Membership:Refer to RAA website
Pilot Certificate Test Fee:P.O.A
* Note: It is our experience that the average student pilot may take 30-40 hours training to attain the standard required by the training syllabus, but obviously this will depend upon each individual. Dual Training is charged at $290 per hour. Solo Training is charged at $180 per hour. PAC also reserves the right to vary prices due to un-forseen circumstances.

Theory Requirements

You must pass an aviation theory examination.

Minimum Age

Students can train at any age however, cannot fly solo until reaching 15 years of age.

Additional Information

For details on how to obtain a RA-Aus Pilot Certificate, please contact one of our RA Aus Instructors or refer to

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