The first licence in a GA pilot’s journey is the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). The RPL allows you to fly solo within the airport’s training area, as well as carrying passengers.

You can then, with a bit of extra training, add endorsements and ratings to this licence that let you exercise more privileges. This could be anything from flying cross country to other airports, into controlled airspace, or something a little more exhilarating like formation flying and aerobatics.

The minimum requirement to be issued an RPL is 20 hours dual instruction with an instructor, and 5 hours in command (solo). Most students take between 30-40 hours dual, and around 5 hours solo to achieve the competency standards.

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    Student Cost

    20 Hours Dial Training*:$6,380
    5 Hours Solo Training*:$1,045



    Student Cost

    30-40 Hours Dual Training*:$9,570

    5 Hours Solo Training*:$1,045



    RPL Costs

    Joining Fee:$120

    Annual Club Membership:$290

    Student Pilot Kit (Books, Log Book):$217
    Testing Fee:P.O.A

    * Note: It is our experience that the average student pilot may take 30-40 hours training to attain the standard required by the training syllabus, but obviously this will depend upon each individual. Dual Training is charged at $319 per hour. Solo Training is charged at $209 per hour. New members need only pay joining fee plus subscription pro-rata to 30th June at the rate of $5.00 per week.

    PAC also reserves the right to vary prices due to un-forseen circumstances.

    Theory Requirements

    You must pass a theory examination on Basic Aeronautical Knowledge. An optional in-house theory course is conducted on a regular basis. The duration of this part time course is approx 8 weeks.

    Medical Requirements

    Before you fly solo, you need an approved Medical Certificate. To obtain one, you will need to contact a doctor approved to conduct a medical examination. For further information, please consult an Instructor or one of the Doctors listed below.

    Minimum Age

    Students can train at any age however, cannot fly solo until reaching 15 years of age.

    Medical Practioners


    Dr. Carney


    Dr. Hirschfield


    Dr. Harris

    Patterson Lakes

    Dr. Page


    Dr. Fifield

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