RPL Navigation

Practical Requirements
and Average Costs

20 hours dual training *:$7,100
5 hours solo training*:$1,225


* Note: Dual Training is charged at $355 per hour. Solo Training is charged at $245 per hour. In addition, Enroute Fees, Landing Fees and Approach Fees are applicable and shall be borne by the student. PAC also reserves the right to vary prices due to un-forseen circumstances.

The RPL Navigation endorsement allows an RPL licence holder the freedom of flying beyond a 25NM radius of the departure aerodrome, opening up the exciting world of cross country flying.

Covering all aspects of flight planning and navigation techniques, the endorsement comprises of a series of dual cross country flights and two solo navs. This the perfect endorsement for people flying for fun, giving you the freedom of flying around the country, without the extra costs/study involved with completing the PPL.

As this is a competency-based assessment, there is no flight test, however an endorsement assessment flight will be conducted.


  • Applicant must hold a Recreational Pilot Licence
  • Basic Class 2 or greater medical certificate
  • RPL Navigation Endorsement Theory Exam
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